I help organizations choose and implement software.

My name is Kathleen O'Neill. I am a Berlin-based consultant offerring business analysis services. You can reach me at kathleen@oneill.berlin

What do you need?

Through interviews and workshops, I will help you create a vision for the future, document key business processes, and produce requirements that everyone can understand.

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What is available?

I will survey the marketplace, interview vendors, and test software based upon your unique requirements. I will help you find the best fit for your organization.

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How can we implement it?

I will represent your organization in meetings with designers and developers, help you organize your content, and prepare your staff through training and coaching.

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Bring everyone along

What separates successful implementations from unsuccessful ones? Consensus. In my experience, successful projects nurture consensus among stakeholders at every phase. Everyone needs to be brought along. Everyone needs to reach the top of the mountain. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll look around at implementation time (i.e., when it’s time to reach for the summit) and

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Before Requirements

Before you even think about looking at software, you should have a solid list of requirements. What are requirements? The word comes from software engineering. The IEEE, a professional society for engineers that develops international standards, says that a requirement is a “condition or capability needed by a user to solve a problem or achieve

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